Halfway through 2020!Β  The year who’s very name was suggestive of a clarity of vision, has seemingly delivered only ambiguity.

As we collectively muddle through the wreckage of our industry, be confident that foodservice will rise phoenix-like once again from the ashes of this creative destruction. 

Beyond the obvious question of what will the industry look like beyond the cascading crises of the millennium +20, know that there are still some pervasive truths.

Humans must eat & drink, and we are the people who feed people.

Convenience is still a strong driver in the selection of sustenance provision in this complex world.

Although lockdowns provided a rare pause on the ever-accelerating pace of life, innovation will inevitably roar back (hasn’t it already?), with changes bringing unbounded opportunities.

Those who pivot to new realities, yet continue to satisfy the needs undoubtedly will thrive.  

It is our hope that you continue to thrive in the months and years ahead and beyond.

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