Memorial Day: remembering those who have sacrificed to make our way of life possible.

We hope that you are enjoying this weekend; here’s a few highlights of our past week at Pecinka Ferri.

After getting back from a busy NRA show (where we began our representation of Kitchen Brains), our culinary team went to work winning gold at the AHF competition!

Team PF

AHF-NJ Annual Culinary Competition was a huge success!


Congratulations to the winners….


JFK – Best Table Award


Pecinka Ferri – Business Partner Culinary Winner


St Peter’s – 1st Place Culinary

JFK – 2nd Place Culinary

St Clare’s – 3rd Place Culinary

MAFSI Barometer

The MAFSI Business Barometer for the first quarter of 2018 recorded modest growth of only +1.5% overall. The marked the seventh straight quarter of slower growth and the weakest quarterly gain since Q3/10. Nevertheless, this somewhat slim advance kept the MAFSI Business Barometer in positive territory.

Kitchen Brains





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