We’ve got it down COLD!

Just chillin’ with our reefer(s).CoolCat






Now NSF approved!  More models in our portable bar line!

– 884 – 886 – 887 – 889-20 – 76884 – 76886 – 76887– 76889-20 – 76150 – 76200


Affordable, high-quality lead-free crystal stemware?
ITI has the perfect option for you – announcing the new Helena™ stemware collection.

Manufactured with brilliant lead-free crystal providing exceptional clarity.

Each glass features a sheer rim that delivers a smooth flow of wine, sip after sip!

The remarkable quality of this affordable collection is one of the best values in today’s food service market.

Helena™ is the perfect solution for any customer looking to improve their check average by offering affordable and beautiful stemware for upscale bottle service.