What drives a soul to a career in foodservice?  Faith in their mission?  Hope for a better tomorrow?  Love of their craft, culture, family…self?

For the fortunate survivors of the recent shakeouts, the embrace of these virtues must have provided the edge needed to outlast the competition.

Faith, Hope & Love – the keys to the kingdom.

In this season of hope, we renew our faith in humanity, and extend our best wishes to you, that we all will be able to continue loving what we do, and who we do it for.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Pecinka Ferri’s  digital makeover:

  1. This newsletter will now be changing formats to serve you better, with monthly lists of need-to-know items for our dealer and consultant communities, and an expanded bi-weekly all-industry edition.
  2. We will also be working on our latest (fifth) edition of our website to improve navigation, expand resources, and offer the ability to promptly gain knowledge. 

What they think I do on New Years