Supply chain issues continue to plague the restoration of normalcy.  

Shortages in raw materials, components, assemblies, and finished goods are exacerbated by logistics snags including a dearth of port workers and truck drivers, displaced shipping containers, and a lack of shipping palattes & cardboard boxes.

A pending shut-down of a major US-based steel mill adds to the woes of computer chip scarcity in all industries.

The inevitable outcome of this perfect storm is price instability, finished good shortages and longer lead times.  Many manufacturers are adopting a novel policy approach by basing billable pricing on that current list price in effect on the date that the merchandise is entered into production, which may vary from prior quotations and purchase orders.

We are fortunate to represent major brands with purchasing clout, but are certainly not immune.  Please plan your purchases accordingly.

We’re back from another trip to the MIK (Middleby Innovations Kitchen) in Dallas.

A preview of the NAFEM show is among the many innovations to be experienced there.

PUC cabinet
The latest iteration of the Carter-Hoffmann PUC 
Pick-up cabinet
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MIK-Coffee.jpg
The Middleby beverage portfolio continues to grow. 
Cooking With Fire

Save the date: Tuesday, 11/16/21.

A timely event is being planned for the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center, and you are invited.

More info to follow…


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