Normal really is coming soon.  In this, the season of rebirth, we mourn our losses and celebrate the regeneration of life.

The “new normal” will gradually be unfolding in foodservice as we slowly awaken from the nightmare of COVID19.  What will our industry look like after rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of the economic shutdown?

What will outlast the quarantine, will it be: pop-up markets; pop-up dealerships; take-out cocktails; dairy & produce add-ons to your meal delivery order?  Will you miss grocery shopping reservations and crowd control in big-box stores?  How much home baking can survive our revival?

Now imagine a world of sustained social distancing, contactless service, and the primacy of grocerants. We’ll be seeing a significant reduction in the numbers of locations, available seating, and in menu offerings as well.

We surely won’t be able to enjoy packed restaurants, clubs or bars in the foreseeable future, as lower capacities will be mandated. Salad bars, buffets and self-service will be a thing of the past.  Strip and mini malls specifically designed to accommodate curbside and drive-through-everything will rule the day.  

Cashless touch pad ordering will be the gold-standard, and like everything that can, will be anti-microbial coated.  Greater per-patron front-of-the-house footprint surely means less kitchen real estate, and everything which that entails.  Kitchen design will also need to conform to the sustained demand for take-out and delivery.

Schools will likely reopen in the fall (as this plague mostly spares the young from its ravages), but what of other high population density venues i.e. courthouses, gyms, and indoor malls; how long before we can enjoy live theater, concerts, sports? 

We have lost so many and much in the past few weeks, let us eagerly join together to build a more promising future, keeping our sanity and humanity intact.

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe.

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