Like a disproportionate share of Americans, I too can trace at least a small percentage of my heritage back to the Old Sod. ☘ Maybe you can as well.

Apparently, it was the luck of the Irish 🍀 that St. Patrick’s Day was cancelled this year.  It is reminiscent of the old song that speaks of a time when such gatherings were deemed illegal.

Wearing of the Green Lyrics

It seems that in a week’s time our industry, too, has gone from being the embodiment of the lifeblood of the nation to outlaw status. 

Joining a majority of our fellow countrymen and women sheltering in place, we factory reps are amongst the lucky ones in the greater hospitality industry who can work from home. 

work from home

“Doing what?” you might ask, when demand for our products and services is seems to be drying up.

People are scared, lonely, and in search of necessities.  Americans have a moral obligation to find new ways to continue our vocations. 

Foodservice, at its core, is people who feed people: vital, and undeserving of being vilified. What we do individually and collectively is now more important than ever. 

Food Etics

The first day of spring came and went without fanfare.  We join you in looking forward to the end of this perpetual snow-day-for-adults and getting back to doing what we do best: Making, Eating and Wearing the GREEN!

While we don’t handle hand sanitizer, masks or TP; we do have items that may help in these trying times.


•     Provides running water for sanitary hand washing
•     Heavy-duty chrome plated brass faucet has easy-to-use on/off paddle handle (Model 9610 has two paddle handles)
•     Chrome-plated soap dispenser is securely mounted next to sink
•     Locking door latch prevents unauthorized access to cabinet storage and tanks
•     5″ No-Mark® cushion tread wheels, 2 swivel w/ brake and 2 fixed, for easy navigation
•     Durable stainless steel sink and cabinet are easy to sanitize

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Therma Cube

Drew Carey Working from home