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 The annual walk-in energy factor regulations being enforced by the US Department of Energy, impacting walk-ins up to 3000 SF, are now in effect! 

Most condensing units manufactured from here on out must comply.

The new regulations will impact all walk-in cooler refrigeration manufacturers.

Some may not be able to build certain model condensing/evaporators units without extensive modifications.

Products affected initially will be the high/medium temperature condensing units with the weight falling heavily on the smaller hermetic (piston style) line-up, this includes all self-contained refrigeration systems. 

While most of the regulatory burden falls upon walk-in refrigeration manufacturers, we strongly suggest that you review any/all outstanding walk-in projects (on order, and/or in design phase) with Pecinka Ferri/Bally – your trusted source for walk-in’s –  for more details about these new regulations and how they affect you. 

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G-Series 2-year warranty is now STANDARD!

The G12 Slicer now with 2 year warranty 

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Robotic Delivery for Your Healthcare OperationFeatured Presenters:Marsha Diamond, MA, RDN, Foodservice Consultant, Helping Foodservice Succeed
 and Chris Anderson, Regional VP, Aethon
Do your challenges include labor shortages, morale &  efficiencies?
Are you aware of mobile robots and its applicability in healthcare operations?
The use of mobile robots is increasing throughout multiple industries and geographies and this has resulted in a significant expansion of the needs and expectations by the end-user. These demands are resulting in applications with very specific requirements, price-points, end-points, and user interaction needs. The challenge is that no one mobile robot can do all things or serve all markets – so how do you choose and evaluate for your situation? In this webinar, we will discuss the considerations to understand the value and incorporate mobile robots into their process flows and workforce and even interact among their customers, guests or patients. 
Objectives:Learn the scope and parameters to utilize mobile robotics in your environments- meal delivery, environmental, laundry and retail venuesUnderstand the efficiencies and ROI to your operationsGet a better understand of the value adds and benefits of using mobile robotics to your employees, patients, residents and facilities.Join Us on Thursday February 6 -3:00pm EST
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