People Who Feed People
by Joe Ferri

There’s a certain nobility in the foodservice industry that often goes unnoticed.

Most take for granted the things that folks in the industry do day-in and day-out to nourish and sustain the populace.

In a far corner of one of the largest private employers in the country reside the vendors who make all of this possible.

Kudos to the supply chain personnel!  It is the coordinated efforts of millions that make it all possible.

Equipment and supplies is no small part of this herculean effort!  Designing, building, and supplying the establishments that serve the masses requires a special skill set.

Arcane knowledge, work ethic, flexibility, and a can-do attitude all play a part in creating and maintaining commercial (and “non-commercial”) kitchens, serveries, dining rooms and whatever venues serve food away from home – and increasingly, food delivered to the home.

Hug a foodservice professional today!  Don’t they deserve the recognition?

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Did you know?….

1.  A Strawberry isn’t a Berry but a Banana is.

2. Avocados and Watermelon are Berries, too.

3. Cashews grow on Trees like this:cashew

4.  And Brussels Sprouts grow in long stalks like this:Brussels Sprouts

5 Chocolate Milk was invented in Ireland.

6. Ketchup used to be sold as Medicine.

7. Carrots were originally purple.Purple Carrots

8. McDonald’s sells 75 Hamburgers every second of every day.

9. Yams and sweet Potatoes are not the same thing.

10. Ripe Cranberries will bounce like rubber balls.