The weather is souper!

Thyme to start thinking about stew, broth, chowder, goulash, stock, gumbo, pottage, bouillon, and consomme’.

And what better accompaniment to a hot bowl, than fresh-baked bread?

Mibrasa recipes:
Monkfish stew with peas and potatoes


ITI Soup Ramen

ITI continues Refreshing the Tabletop® with the introduction of new soup and noodle bowls. Chefs today are taking ramen in exciting new directions. From the West Coast to the East Coast, foodservice patrons are enticed with bold and interesting new flavors. The versatility of ramen means that a chef can put his or her own twist on the dish, trying out countless variations in broth, toppings and seasoning.

The Trends:
“Authentic ramen made with high-quality ingredients has taken the noodle dish far beyond the familiar convenience food, and the National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot culinary forecast has named ramen as a hot trend every year since 2013.”
— TMI Trading, 04/2018

“Mazemen—a kind of deconstructed ramen—is more about the noodles than the broth. Translated as “mixed noodles,” the dish is composed of ramen noodles napped in a small amount of sauce instead of swimming in a bowl of broth. The noodles are traditionally topped with Japanese ingredients…But some places are customizing mazemen with crazy combinations like smoked salmon and cream cheese.” –Restaurant Business 11/2017

We are pleased to offer a variety of bowls for presenting these trending noodle dishes. Check out our new Shanghai Bowls with Asian inspired decorations or choose from our many traditional white bowls.

Look to ITI for a full collection of Noodle Bowls offering the right design, size and capacity; for more information download the Soup & Ramen Bowls Flyer.

Gently Used Equipment Up For Grabs

AEF035 Spiral Mixer 208-240 / 3 Minor surface blemishes only
AEF035SP Spiral mixer 208/240/1 Minor sufrace blemishes
BTF060 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 New Planetary Gear Ass’y
BTF060 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 New Planetary Gear Ass’y
BTF080 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 Minor surface blemishes only
BTF100 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 Minor surface blemishes only
DLF18 Fondant sheeter 120/1 Minor surface dents
DSA330 Divider/Rounder 120/1 Surface blemishes on front.
DSA336 Divider/Rounder 120/1 Reconditioned,excellent condition
DSF022 Divider/Rounder 120/1 Minor surface blemishes only
EM20 Planetary Mixer 120/1 Low usage hrs., minor blemishes
PIZ3G Pizza Oven 120/1 Minor scratches

Doyon, the premier supplier of foodservice bakery equipment, now makes it even easier to make some dough baking up some bread.

Soup Kettle