Are you working on end-of-year initiatives?  Is the ticking of the time-crunch clock 


  starting to get to you?

Let us assist. 

We have items RTS (ready to ship) for your holiday needs.  We have massive incentives for ordering before year-end.  And, best of all, you are invited to enjoy some holiday cheer with us!

Just let us know how we can help.

Our most recent event series featured a master Pizza-maker from Sardinia, Chef Dante DiPaulo along with our own Certified Executive Chef and Certified Pastry Chef, Nicholas Mercogliano. See the masters in action in this short video clip:

Chefs Dante & Nick explore the new range of customized flours from Italy for making Pizza and Pasta.

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Kitchen Brains 1/15/20

5%Star 1/1/20 4%

Chefs Share Some Of The Stupidest Orders Ever:

  • My personal favorite was a banquet order for a Caesar’s salad (for a party of about 100 people) that, 20 minutes before plating, was updated saying that the Caesar dressing couldn’t have anchovies, garlic, or egg. What do you even say to that?
  • “I’m very allergic to garlic, is there any in the special?” “Yes, there is a little” “Well, as long as I can’t see it I’ll be okay. I’ll have the special.”
  • I want the stuffed salmon. I don’t like the taste of salmon though, so don’t make it taste like salmon.
  • Order for well done burger. Not unusual, but the guest told the server, “My doctor told me I can’t have any red meat” and was dead serious.
  • Today’s special was sirloin a la plancha and a customer asked my wife if we could make it vegetarian…
  • Customer complains after eating her omelette that the menu didn’t explicitly state that it contained “so much egg…”
  • “Can I get the special with fettuccine? I’m allergic to penne.” “You’re allergic to a shape?”