Do you frequent your local music stores?   
No, not the kind that sell pre-recorded songs, but the types that supply performing artists. If so, you’d certainly know that most musicians turn into kids-in-a candy shop upon entering.

You see, the tools of their trade inspire and excite them and get their juices flowing.  They will get lost in the aisles, trying out various new instruments, practicing and trying to impress each other.  


Creative people such as artists, designers, musicians and yes, chefs share many common traits. Parallels between cooking and music abound. 


 Chefs too can be inspired at a well-appointed dealer or rep showroom, and similarly can’t resist jumping in on the line and jamming at a test kitchen demonstration.

Just as a trained guitarist or drummer can make beautiful sounds from whatever is at hand, so too can an experienced cook create harmony from a few simple ingredients and utensils.  Similarly, when each is afforded superior tools and supplies, a relative symphony ensues. 


A well -appointed work space can bring out the sweetest melodies from artists and artisans.

What equipment then is essential and which pieces optional?  It depends; ask the experts.

Foodservice equipment professionals can recommend and specify various kitchen appliances for individual functions and applications. The better suppliers can typically select form a broad array of good-better-best items.  These can be tailored to space restrictions, utility availability, ventilation requirements, and a whole series of other factors.


  A kitchen which is in tune with its concept is one where design principles such as flexibility and modularity, ergonomics, efficiency and sustainability are all employed.  The selection process must, of course, take into consideration menu production and budget constraints.

With each station performing at peak, the back of the house can create the buzz worthy of applause. 


A common refrain resonates that the very best equipment cannot be had for a song.  A proper expenditure should be calculated, and a medley of gear assembled. 


Evolution and availability of the very latest equipment and supplies must be considered when embarking on a project.  Resources abound for researching and testing and ultimately sourcing innovative new kitchen components such as ventless combi oven steamers, energy efficient radiant deep fryers and charcoal powered oven grills.

A team approach in foodservice might include the operator, a design consultant, manufacturer’s representative(s), dealer(s), and service agencies.


 Why not get the band assembled to make some beautiful music together?

The Middleby Corporation has announced that Meghan Daro will be promoted to  VP of consultant services. Formerly a regional sales manager’s for Middleby’s Follett Ice, she will be calling on the foodservice consultant community in this newly created role.

Meghan Daro

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