Trading up has arrived.  Folks are opting for better quality, higher-end merchandise, and are willing to wait for it.

That old adage comes to mind:

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As the world is awash in stimulus funds, businesses are reopening, and operators are planning for the long-haul, price has become a less significant factor in purchasing decisions.

When manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand, and are cognizant of the buyer’s preference for better goods, production emphasis will neccessarily be placed on those higher end products.

Good Cheap Fast

Buy the best that you can afford, order it early to beat the price increases, and plan to wait a little longer for quality!

Blodgett Factory Tour
Join NY Chef Aaron Bludorn for a peek behind the scenes at the iconic oven manufacturer in Vermont.
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Save the date: Tuesday, 11/16/21.

A timely event is being planned for the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center, and you are invited.

More info to follow…

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