With our diversity of lines, we have the means to procure most anything for your foodservice project. 

With shorter lead times and deeper inventory than most, our factories are ready to ship what is needed for safe and speedy reopening’s

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Mixer Inventory Availability!

Are you having inventory issues on mixers? 

Currently we have 30 Qt  & 20 Qt mixers in stock, ready to ship today.

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A note from:

  1. Our current position on raw material S/S is strong.  Lakeside took advantage of inventory available early on.
  2. Only a couple of products are imported or would be affected by those current constraints.  The vast majority of our product is Milwaukee, WI, USA made. 
  3. We are seeing raw material prices going up.  There is strong indications of a price increase from Lakeside in the second half of 2021. 


Self-Contained Refrigerated Countertop Server