20/20 vision in 2020.

Don’t you wish that you could see clearly what the coming year is bringing?  Business, politics, the environment, relationships, health, & well-being will all be impacted in this seminal year.

The new roaring 20’s begin in earnest this week; we look forward to helping you meet the challenges of the new decade.

Here’s a link to our current line offerings:
Line Card small

Pitco’s first video of 2020:
Wings vs. Nuggets

2020 price adjustments:

Kitchen Brains 1/15/20 +5%

Star 1/1/20 +4%

ITI 2/1/20 +6% – Many order charges eliminated

Lakeside Geneva 12/1/19

Follett 2/1/20

Globe 1/1/20 GSM130, SP05, FS14, GSP30B

Uline 1/1/20Combi 1/1/20APW

Bakers Pride 1/1/20

Dispense-Rite 1/1/2020