Looks as if everyone has their favorite method of coping with the pandemic and its immediate aftereffects.

Most, through the magic of technology, have even gotten a window into how their colleagues are handling the quotidian daily grind.

Will you be missing the endless training webinars, COVID memes, virtual meetings and admonitions?

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe, see you on Zoom…


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Ed’s Corner

Hope this finds you well. 
As we continue to live our new lives, I am finding many of my daily calls include “What’s New”. 
In the past, this phrase was used to spark or keep conversations going.
However, in todays climate, I am finding it being used as a true request for industry information, training opportunities, and new products of product categories we all will need to know and focus on to pride solutions as we move forward in the coming ( Thank God) Post- Covid environment.
It is with this in mind that I will take every opportunity to share with you new information/ specials that are being provided by many of my factories.
This is “What’s New” for you.

Middleby Ventless Solutions
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Hope this sparks some new ideas, provides solutions, or helps you complete a design or close and order.
As always I am here to answer any questions or solve any problems ( hey that’s not new… but worth including …lol)
May you all continue to stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

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We are finding that our willing assistants are getting tired of this working from home stuff.

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Ed Sr has this social distancing down pat.

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