Webinars, back-to-back-to-back webinars. Ugh!

And corporate pandemic-statement emails. UGH!

Death by webinar

My 92 year-old mom asked me if, while sheltering in place, I was bored yet.

“Bored?”, for the past two weeks the well-meaning have crammed the calendar with so much “content” that we have little time for basic human bodily functions.

Just because you’d blocked an hour for a Zoom or gotomeeting doesn’t mean that you need to use every available second of it. Twenty minutes to introduce the participants and “set the stage”?  Is that not excessive? And let’s not even talk about those recycled PowerPoint decks that cover every aspect of a product down to the threads per inch of the screws holding the panels on.  Could we have done this in a  two paragraph email?

Boring Webinar?

Expectations for reciprocal media forays run high also. Seemingly overnight, we’ve been expected to transform into professional broadcasters.  Lighting, set design, sound, videos, costumes: enough! And you expect us to change out of our PJ’s? Clearly, we need another methodology for working from home.

Has all of the busy-work going on succeeding in distracting us from the ever-present stream of sensationally bad news being proffered by the media?  Or, is it just adding to the palpable anxiety?

It is refreshing that people are actually answering their phones again.  I’ve been able to make some long overdue re-connections.  

There are fresh (not recycled) email jokes making the rounds.  Prisoners are being released to stem the tide of infection at jails; at the same time you can be arrested for leaving your home.

Deadlines are seemingly not as critical (what day of the week is this anyway?).

Liquor stores and dispensaries are now considered essential businesses.

Stay safe – Stay healthy.  Blog on

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Yes, they are real!

Kitchen Brains

Foodservice Operators Need All of Our Support. Here’s How We’re Helping. 

  • We’ve reprogrammed BB Timers to include recurring crew alerts for handwashing, sanitizing and inspections to keep staff and customers safe.
  • We’ve reduced  pricing on either the BB4 or BB8 Timer
BB Timers

Handwashing and sanitizing are critical for foodservice operators and their employees during these challenging times. To help ensure compliance and to also recognize the substantial loss of business most food operators are facing, we are temporarily reducing the price of the Kitchen Brains® (FASTIMER)® BB4 and BB8 Timers.

BB Timers can set recurring alerts to periodically remind operators and employees to:

  • Wash their hands
  • Change their gloves
  • Sanitize all food prep and customer dining areas
  • Change the sanitize solution at key workstations
  • Change the sanitize solution in the multicompartment sink
  • Do restaurant walk-through/inspection
  • And more……

Plus, BB Timers are battery powered and lightweight, so foodservice operators can use them just about anywhere.

With the addition of the new Recurring Crew Alert feature, operators can, in System Programming, choose to either use the BB Timer as a dedicated recurring alert timer or as a dedicated standard count up/count down timer that supports back-of-house timing functions and alerts, such as cooking, holding, frying, baking and rethermalizing. This unique ability enables operators to adjust the functionality of the BB Timer as their needs change over time.

For more information about BB Timers, please visit: https://www.kitchenbrains.com/bbtimer


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