You know what really pushes my buttons?ย  A bad case of forward-itis, that predilection to impulsively kick-the-can down the road.

Most of us know in our hearts that simply forwarding an email doesnโ€™t really constitute managing people. Copying all, or dictating an administrative fiat can no longer substitute for a well-defined strategy.

Even though, like George Jetson in the cartoon, it sometimes feels like our only role in the management process is to simply press the keys on a computer.

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The SuzyQ Cart debuted in Metro NY at our Culinary Center last week and then showed up at the ANFP Conference in Princeton.

The SuzyQ system

Chef Nick and Marsha Diamond present “resident choice”.

Attentive audience in our conference room

Works great for dim sum too!

Advance Tabco cautions us to ensure that all electronicย correspondence including orders was received as they have continued to experience email outages last week.

June 1st Price Increases headed your way:

  • Anets
  • Hatco
  • MagiKitch’n
  • Pitco