The simple things really matter.  The basic tenets of personal interaction must be tended to.  Maybe a re-reading of  “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum would remind us how to follow the Golden Rule?

The Pecinka Ferri customer service phone line had been problematic for some time;  Its issues have now been addressed.  Please let us know if you continue to have any hiccups.

Repairing, rebuilding, and re-imagining the future is top-of-mind at the moment.   

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The boys are talking Slicers!

Foodservice COVID-19 Solutions Guide
Lakeside Foodservice

We’ve developed a webpage dedicated to general foodservice COVID-19 solutions as well as a guide.


Things you didn’t realize had names


The plastic covering on the end of a shoelace is an aglet. They make it easy for laces to wave through your shoes without unraveling. In ancient Rome, wealthy people made their aglets out of metal, not the plastic of today.


Your columella is the bottom part of your nose that separates your nostrils. Some people have more of a hanging columella that you could change with plastic surgery. You’ll sound smarter if you drop columella or one of these fancy words that make you sound smarter in conversation.


A ferrule is a rig or cap of metal that strengthens or joins two things. One example of a ferrule is the metal band on the top of a pencil that holds an eraser in place. The word also refers to the cap at the end of a cane, the knob at the hub of an umbrella, and the tube or pipe that fits together with a handle to a paintbrush.


Pips are the little bumps on the surface of a ping pong paddle. Paddles could have long or short pips, depending on the type of table tennis. Short pips are the more common style.


Purlicue refers to the space between the extended thumb and index finger. But it actually has more than one odd meaning. In Scottish, the word means a flourish at the end of a pen stroke, or the end of a discourse.


The empty space between the bottle top and the liquid is an ullage. This leaves enough space, so bottles don’t leak.


Vibrissae is another word for a cat’s whiskers. The word was originally meant to refer to human nostril hairs, according to Merriam-Webster.


The space between your eyebrows is a glabella. That’s also the name of the bone underneath that space that connects your brow ridges.


Dysania means having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning‚ and not just in the way that makes you want to crawl back under the covers. Though it’s not officially recognized as a medical condition and can impact people’s lives in a variety of negative ways.


Illegible handwriting is called griffonage.


The unreachable spot between your shoulder blades is your acnestis. Next time you can’t reach an itch, ask a loved one to scratch your acnestis and see what they say.


Silent letters, like in knight, fight, or Django, are aphthongs.