Coming to Pecinka Ferri 

We are excited to announce that Pecinka Ferri is getting a digital makeover. 

First, this newsletter which has been faithfully published weekly for decades will now be changing formats to serve you better, with monthly lists of need-to-know items for our dealer and consultant communities, and an expanded bi-weekly all-industry edition.

Then we will be working on our latest (fifth) edition of our website to improve navigation, expand resources, and offer the ability to promptly gain knowledge.

The new interactive website will serve as a gateway to explore the latest innovations from our foodservice equipment manufacturers partners.  Add a little bit of spice (in the form of today’s most important foodservice and beverage industry news), the site will be a valuable resource and provide an informed advantage.

Optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets, the updated site will offer access to financing resources, equipment specifications, technical service and demonstration appointments, and the ability to register for informative training as well as our signature Events & Forums.

Keep an eye out; change is coming.


When’s the last time that you heard that term?

Well, we’ve got ovens: 

Blodgett DFG’s and Mark V’sBlodgett DFG Oven
Ovens  Doyon  Artisan DecksDoyon ARtisan Oven

JOe McCauley Retirement Card

Join Us as We Celebrate the Fryer King, Joe McAuley on his Upcoming Retirement

In the late 80s, when people were still wearing parachute pants and making mixtapes, Pitco was a Maytag brand, and Joe McAuley was the standalone salesperson. Fast forward several decades later, and Joe is about to retire from Pitco after a long career that saw him work in every single department in the company while managing every single region of the world.

Note: our office will be celebrating the holidays together on Tuesday 12/21/21, as such we will be unavailable for that afternoon after 12:00 PM.

Millenial Mealtime