Meaningless superlatives abound in the marketing sphere, overused until they no longer have any impact. The one that you’ll hear over and over in foodservice equipment is “heavy duty”.

Just what does that mean?  Nearly everyone will have a different understanding of this now-hollow descriptor.

Is it metal gauge? Motor size? Will “good enough” be good enough? Is the product fit for your purposes, will it last reasonably long, will the manufacturer fix it breaks?

When purchasing (or specifying) kitchen wares, most folks need a benchmark against which to measure quality.  Advertiser-sponsored trade journals do occasionally attempt to establish value hierarchies.  Specifications often belie nuances in equipment differentiation.

Operators and specifiers often must rely upon the integrity of suppliers to distinguish between “good, better, and best” offerings.  Bear in mind that greater quality units might not be appropriate even if the budget permits its inclusion, just as lesser quality pieces shouldn’t be the automatic default selection because they are cheaper.

The price/value continuum is further complicated by transactional purchases, where little or no expertise is exchanged.   Here, differentiation between vendors should be a critical factor in the selection process.  Often, sadly, it is not.

Clearly then, “Heavy Duty” is in the eye of the beholder.  We submit that a trusted expert supplier must be a key component in the value equation.

The heavy duty rule: Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)!



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