Almost all of your choices in food service equipment are now available in both floor model and counter models.

Choosing the countertop versions can provide some unique operator benefits, by de-coupling the functions of the upper and lower portions of a workstation.  Addressing each vertical component individually, in either preparation or cooking areas, results in a hybrid design approach. This, in turn, can have enormous bottom-line implications.

Providing that their volume is consistent with your needs, tabletop units can offer the flexibility and modularity that is essential in these rapidly changing times.  Baking in the ability to pivot into your layout has gained the greatest importance in today’s environment.

  • Equipment can be much more easily reconfigured to suit changing menus and/or evolving staffing.
  • Swapping out of individual pieces can be so much less disruptive to operations.
  • When the top and bottom half of the station are separate, long-term cost of ownership drops dramatically.


  • Provides the ability to easily mix and match side by side components.
  • Choose between a variety of bases including refrigerated, blast chilling and freezing, open and enclosed storage, proofing, heating, oven and even steam assisted ovens!
  • Ventless options in counter-top cooking equipment abound, opening up underutilized real estate.

The demand for countertop appliances has been growing rapidly. It is easy to understand why.
Smart operators have learned the advantages of counter intelligence.

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