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Flexible Features

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The Modularm 75LC and new 75LCT Touch Screen from Kitchen Brains® monitor door status and alert the team if doors are open or ajar for too long.
These alarms increase team awareness and quickly modify their behavior, substantially reducing door open and ajar times.
In addition to the door ajar alarm, the 75LC and 75LCT feature temperature, AC failure and panic alarms, a built-in battery backup with recharging circuitry, and a patented, energy saving light control with motion sensor.
Order your Modularm 75LC or 75LCT today:

  • Save on energy costs by lowering electricity consumption
  • Extend the life of refrigeration components by reducing run times
  • Gain more effective defrost cycles with less coil icing
  • Get remote alarm notifications 24/7 with optional 75LC Communicator

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