Don’t Wait for It to Break

Now that Pecinka Ferri has assisted in the selection and launch of your kitchen and beverage equipment, it’s important that you stay on top of taking care of it. Remember when your father told you to change your oil and service your car regularly? Your kitchen equipment will appreciate the same attention! Of course, when you have warranties in place, we can always refer you to the authorized service technicians.

But at Pecinka Ferri, we prefer to keep your equipment running, without it going down while waiting for parts or service techs. You spent time and money perfecting your kitchen, we want you to keep it working.

Cleaning is the first step in equipment protection, before service or replacement parts. Being proactive will help your equipment last longer and run better. Our friends at Partstown have a handy preventative maintenance checklist, broken down by daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Beyond the cleanings that can be performed by your staff, there are maintenance tasks that should be addressed by professionals. These involve checking and deep-cleaning components inside your equipment. Pecinka Ferri can provide a list of local authorized service agents. Connect with the service agents. They may offer preventative maintenance contracts, or “P-M”, which can get your kitchen on their schedule. Automating your regular maintenance with their system takes the burden of scheduling off your shoulders. It is easier to give equipment a tune-up than to replace a part, especially with the current supply chain issues.

Remember, the best way to keep your kitchen running is with TLC and a P-M schedule. You built your dream, keep it running.