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For more than 40 years, ICETRO has been a global leader in ice machines and dispensers for commercial foodservice. ICETRO has accumulated “Know-How” experience in the refrigeration technology and strategically positioned itself as a leading provider of frozen food equipment company in South Korea. The word “MAESTRO” symbolizes a distinguished conductor of an orchestra who creates a beautiful harmony between music and the audience. The business philosophy of ICETRO is to deliver the pride of a Maestro and the spirit of a master, who value tradition and reputation, to its customers.

ICETRO offers sturdy design, energy efficient, and versatile food service equipment products that meets their customers’ requirements. Available in popular production sizes, ICETRO ice makers are well-built with stainless steel, rust-resistant, and an improved freezing surface technology that enables to make ice quickly. Overall, ICETRO’s unique food service equipment products provide the SIMPLICITY of design, product RELIABILITY, LONGEVITY, and superior PERFORMANCE for our valued customers.


Ice Makers

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Under Counters

Under Counter Ice Machines

These uniquely constructed stainless steel ice cube machines are the ideal choice for 70 ~ 220 lbs ice production. ICETRO ice cube machines are designed for a compact space and can fit underneath counters.
Nugget/Flake Ice Machines

Nugget/Flake Ice Machines

Quick cooling. Unbreakable & non-poisonous bowls. Stainless steel body and case Durable metal gear motor for long life and reliability Torque control system
Storage Bins

Storage Bins

ICETRO ice storage bins are built with antibacterial ABS material for better sanitation and longevity, easy lift up door opener with automatic door stopper to prevent from an unwanted hand injury, simple ice removal, and reduced spillage.

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