Welcome to the new normal. It has arrived unceremoniously, ushered in by socially distant masked men and women.

The incremental openings of public spaces have served to punctuate a populace’s collective longings for what has been lost and anxiety over what is to come.

With mixed emotions of survivor guilt and Stockholm Syndrome, many have cracked their doors (if only just a bit) to a brave new world centering on the uneasiness of proximity to their fellow humans.

As we navigate these choppy waters, we will continue to tack upwind and chart a course from one directed at mere survival, to a goal of renewed prosperity.

Hold on tight as we all continue to pivot our efforts; forward progress is on the horizon.

Wunder-Bar Food Dispensing

Pecinka Ferri is proud to announce our representation of Wunder-Bar,
now part  of the Middleby Beverage division.

ITI COVID response

GAR facemasks

restaurant dummies