Ever wonder what it is that a rep does?
So does everyone.

Foodservice Rep

After an exhaustive travel/training schedule, we’re ready to get back to telling our story.

Here’s a few of the tidbits that we’ll be talking about:

David Abi Has Been Promoted to Group General Manager of Carter-Hoffmann / Doyon & Nu-Vu.   He will assume responsibility for day to day management of the CH & DNV group and management team. David Abi

ITI is announcing a price increase of an average of 4% across its product portfolio with most items in the 3% to 6% range with the exception of Flatware where there will be no increase. This price increase will go into effect on all orders shipped after April 1st, 2018 giving a 60 days advance notice to all our customers. ITI logo

Globe N-Series Premium Slicers (3600N, 3850N, 3975N, 4600N & 4975N) will have a one-week lead time. This lead time is due to the increased production of the NEW S-Series Slicers introduced in 2017. Globe Logo


Here’s a great explanation of equipment start-ups: http://www.pitco.com/startup_request

I know, exciting, right?

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