📋Planning And Scheduling  📅 “The New Norm”

By Ed Pecinka

Our industry has always been very reactive. “I need it now” ……. “I’ll be there tomorrow”, have been part of everyday conversations.  Now that we are well into “the new norm”, habits and businesses are changing, and we all need to learn and adapt.

Planning our calls and personal visits now requires filling out forms ahead of time and taking temperatures upon arrival.  We find that there are limited people now allowed in meetings and workspaces, making your time more focused and valuable.

 Manufacturers are limited to numbers of employees in their offices and on their plant floors. The same is “the new norm” at parts and component suppliers, resulting in extended lead times all throughout the supply chain.

Accepting “the new norm” will allow us all to creatively flourish in the days and months ahead.  Planning and scheduling will help us all navigate this “build to order” world.

Analyzing essential products to our businesses, doubling down on inventory levels, and placing more frequent orders for those products that the market demands will allow you to keep ahead of the curve and provide the value your customers are looking for.

Scheduling and setting “new norm” expectations will keep us all out of the jams our reactive world seems to create.

It is said that “the only constant in life is change”.  So let us all accept our “new norm” as the bridge that will proactively redefine our futures.

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