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Powerhouse Dynamics was founded in 2009 with the vision of providing tools to help identify and eliminate wasteful energy consumption in the built environment. The company originally focused on products for the residential market with its first version of SiteSage®, then called the eMonitor™. In 2011, the company expanded its focus to deliver cloud-based enterprise asset and asset management solutions for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities. Today, SiteSage and Open Kitchen are the broadest IoT-based platforms serving the Food Service, Food Retail, and Retail industries. The platforms are digitally connected to thousands of pieces of kitchen, HVAC, and other equipment; monitor and control thousands of additional pieces of equipment, and deliver full transparency, improved equipment performance, reduced utility spend, and multiple additional benefits.

Powerhouse Dynamics is the developer of SiteSage and Open Kitchen, revolutionary platforms that enable asset, operations, and energy management for commercial facilities.

Since 2011, L2F has helped companies innovate and bring new ideas from the lab to full-scale fabrication (Lab2Fab™). Their clients have been acquired by major multi-nationals, received tens of millions in VC financing, and launched disruptive technologies in their markets.

They now bring our skillset, with laser focus, to the number one food equipment manufacturer in the world, The Middleby Corporation (NASDAQ: MIDD). Middleby’s large network of foodservice equipment companies, and their track record for constant innovation makes them a perfect match for L2F’s vision and values.

Respect, grace, and grit enabled L2F to put rockets in the sky, robots in kitchens, and electric vehicles on the road. They’re thrilled to help position the world’s leader in industrial kitchen appliances at the cutting edge of food service automation.


Open Kitchen by Powerhouse Dynamics


SiteSage by Powerhouse Dynamics


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Featured Equipment

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

With the Open Kitchen application, foodservice operators can connect to and monitor different types and brands of kitchen equipment and automate essential commercial kitchen processes, including food safety monitoring, using just one platform.



Precision pour spouts transmit real-time data tracking mimicking free pours, saving you thousands of dollars in liquor loss and unrecorded sales.

Pizza Bot 5000

PizzaBot 5000

Keep People Customer Focused With the Help of PB5K. Let PB5K accurately dispense your most expensive and labor-intensive toppings while your employees are freed up to keep operations moving forward at maximum speed.

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