2nd Annual Pizza Forum Recap

Last week Pecinka Ferri hosted the Second Annual Pizza Forum and if you couldn’t make it, prepare to be jealous!

The Second Annual Pizza Forum introduced specialty imported flour, trending regional pizza styles, automation, beverages, and electric and ventless installations.

The forum featured Chefs Angelo Competiello and Jeanette Catena of Eursource, exclusive agents for Molino Dente pizza, pasta, and bread flours from Italy. The discussion focused on specialty flours formulated for specific characteristics. 


Celebrity Chef John Arena wowed our guests with his live “Dough Clinics.” And our friend Rich Malachy of Malachy Parts & Service and Service Masters was grabbing content and mixing it up with the Pecinka Ferri Team.


Chef Nicholas Mercogliano from Pecinka Ferri showed how to adapt your techniques to the newest trends. And regional pizzas are at the top of it: Chicago, Roman, Sicilian, Detroit. It’s time to update your menu for summer.


And while you’re adding new pizzas, do not forget about the wine!

“We also believe that the pizzeria, or [any] restaurant making pies, needs to be rethinking the beverage side of their business, “ said Joe Ferri.

Joe Ferri is so passionate about boosting your beverage program to add a new revenue stream that he was the onsite sommelier for the wine tastings!


But the day wasn’t all tasting and pairings. We did get down to business. And there is no better place for it. The Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center boasts the largest selection of ventless cooking equipment in the region. We dove into electric and ventless installations. Our team explained how their small footprints can increase your profitability. Maybe you didn’t have space to introduce your cocktail and bar program Joe Ferri was touting, but with more room in your establishment, now you do!

The focus on profitability didn’t stop there. The Pecinka Ferri team was there to teach the foodservice professionals, from restaurateurs to service techs, about automation. Whether you are a fan of technology or not, you cannot stop it from moving forward. It is time to embrace everything: Robotics, IoT, AI, and apps. This is the future of foodservice and it will help you cut waste, cut time, and cut costs with automating and managing your productions.

Pecinka Ferri is thankful for our team, guest chefs, vendors, clients, and clients’ customers who helped make this an event to remember. We can’t wait to do it again next year!