Love them or hate them, leftovers are a fact of life. ❤️

We are especially cognizant of them now, as we gaze into our overloaded fridges at turkey carcasses, cold mashed potatoes and all manner of containers brimming with congealed side dishes. What will we reconstitute from those remains of that past repast?

And, what are we to make of those leftover business practices (you know, the ones we used to abide by pre-COVID)? From live meetings to the simple handshake, shouldn’t we look to re-use, renew, and recycle those as well; must we trash those millennia-old traditions?

Like the old bridal rhyme: “something old, something new…”, looking at recombining the best of the past with the latest trends could keep us on-point, relevant and prosperous.????????

Last week, Pecinka Ferri hosted a hybrid event – both an old-fashioned in-person and live cast on social media and Zoom. Our topic was ghost kitchens and ventless cooking. Assuredly those two topics also utilize the absolute best attributes of new & old.

As we move into foodservice’s future, let’s use the “nose-to-tail” approach, so popular in the BOH, and repurpose yesterday’s and today’s ideas while adopting tomorrow’s best practices.

Oh, by the way, hold the gravy and cranberry sauce on my sandwich. ????

Using Training and Automation To Assist Your Foodservice Business

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