New Beverage Lines

Beverage Lines

Pecinka Ferri is here to keep you calm, cool, and caffeinated with the addition of new beverage lines.

After our visit to The Middleby Innovation Kitchens we are unveiling 2 new beverage lines that will keep up with the growing market demand for iced coffee and cold cocktails.

Keep Calm with Kloppenberg

According to PR Newswire cold brew coffee market is expected “to increase by USD 1.37 billion from 2020 to 2025” with “57% of the growth expected in North America” PLUS a 5.5% increase in frozen cocktails in Data Intelo’s market analysis. This is ice, ice and more ice. Luckily, Kloppenberg is here to help you store and distribute ice throughout your venue with their ISE Advantage Line. Having ice bins and transport stations in key areas will keep your staff calm and in control, especially in high-volume facilities.


Keep Caffeinated with JoeTap

Get in on the market share of the cold brew coffee trend with JoeTap. JoeTap has delivery systems for every cold brew style out there: ready-to-drink, post-mix, nitro, still, keg or bag-in-a-box. Find the JoeTap that’s perfect for you.


Contact Pecinka Ferri to bring these lines to your bar.