Pecinka Ferri Associates Hosts Inaugural Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum

Ghost Kitchens: Foodservice’s ultimate de-coupling of production and fulfillment.

Paired with ventless tech solutions, ghost and commercial kitchens can operate in any space. In response to the growing trend in the foodservice industry, Pecinka Ferri Associates hosted an inaugural forum that included a complimentary day of mock-up ghost kitchen, live cooking vignettes, keynote presentations, panel discussions, skills-building workshops, extensive networking opportunities, mindful sessions, and an abundance of additional resources.

The Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum was held in person and virtually on Tuesday, November 16. Hosted by Pecinka Ferri Associates and co-sponsored by Middleby Corporation, the forum explored the utilization of ghost kitchens and ventless commercial foodservice equipment throughout its robust day-long event.

“We recognize that, as major retailers have adopted the ghost kitchen model, there is a growing need for an overview of the concepts, planning, development, and execution of successful operations. The Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum showcased the nuts and bolts of ventless appliances and the many nuances of ghost kitchens.”

Ed Pecinka, Jr., Pecinka Ferri Co-Principal

Along with breakout sessions focused on cost, menu development, marketing, and innovative technologies, participants were able to experience various environments of ventless appliances and hear speakers from the operator to manufacturing communities and everyone else in between. Presenters included Byuk CEO James Walker, Middleby Corporation’s Scott Heim, Chef Chris Galarza of Forward Dining Solutions, BYOB Bagels Co-founder Beth George, Chief Executive Officer of Big Chicken Josh Halpern, Vice President of Culinary with Cuisine Solutions Sean Wheaton, and Co-publisher of Total Food Service Fred Klashman.

The forum began with Keynote Speaker James Walker and was wrapped up with a panel discussion moderated by Fred Klashman. Panelists included Chef Chris Galarza, Josh Halpern, and Scott Heim, who weighed in on innovating and continuing to move forward within multiple facets of the foodservice industry.

Among the speakers, informational sessions, and panel discussions, ghost and ventless kitchen essentials were used for fun and tasty demonstrations. Check out the foodservice equipment innovations below.

Plexor by Turbochef

Plexor by Turbochef

  • Three (3) cooking technologies in one (1) appliance: rapid cook, impingement, convetion, or any combinations
  • Operated by a single plug
  • Single user interface makes training and operation simple
PB5K PizzaBot 5000 by L2F

PB5K PizzaBot 5000 by L2F

  • The new Middleby Pizza Robotmade its debut at Pecinka Ferri’s Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum!
  • Keep labor customer focused with the help of PB5K
  • Accurately dispenses toppings while employees keep operations moving forward
PUC by Carter-Hoffman

PUC by Carter-Hoffman

  • Safe, secure, automated, self-serve, smart cabinet pick up system
  • Reduces customer pick up times by 70% and eliminates the order line
  • Reduces labor within the restaurant
  • Lets the customer know when thier order is ready
  • Customizable for size, shape, and function
Blue Zone Air Purifier

Blue Zone Air Purifier

  • Uses UV light and room temperature oxidation to kill harmful substances
  • Effective against viruses (including COVID-19) and VOC’s
  • Destroys up to 99.9% of infectious airborne pathogens
  • Filter-less design is easy to maintain
CTX by Middleby Marshall

CTX by Middleby Marshall

  • Designed to cook, bake, or broil in high-volume kitchens with consistent quality results
  • Perfect every time and ready to serve
  • No over or under-cooking with infared technology
  • Independently-controlled microprocessor with time/date clock, standby mode, and self-cleaning cycle
  • The operator can preset up to 15 different time and temperature combinations

“Our Pecinka Ferri team pulled out all of the stops in producing a memorable event, especially at this time of year. We are grateful for the opportunity to once again join with our industry partners, teach, learn, break bread, and together forge the future of foodservice.”

Joe Ferri, Pecinka Ferri Co-Principal

Miss the event?  Watch our recorded sessions!

The Keynote Speeches at the
Ghost &Ventless Kitchen Forum

The Breakout Sessions and Expert Panel at the
Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum