Pecinka Ferri Now Representing Middleby’s Viking Commercial Bar Solutions

We are happy to share that Viking Commercial Bar Solutions, recognized for precision engineering and cutting-edge design, is the latest manufacturer to join the Pecinka Ferri family! Viking Commercial keeps your front of house operations moving smoothly with quality refrigeration, dispensers, and ice machines.

Elevate Your Bar with Clear Craft Ice Machines

One of the standout offerings from Viking Commercial is their revolutionary clear craft ice machines. These machines are not just ice makers — they are the key to transforming any beverage into a premium experience. The clear, tasteless, and odorless ice produced ensures that the integrity of your drinks remains unaltered, allowing the true flavors to shine through. Ideal for high-end cocktails, spirits, and other beverages, Viking’s ice machines are designed to meet the demands of bars, restaurants, and resorts.

Refrigeration Reimagined

Alongside their exceptional ice machines, Viking Commercial brings to the table advanced refrigeration products such as back bar refrigeration, undercounter refrigerators, beverage dispensers, and wine refrigerators. These are designed with aesthetic appeal and functionality in mind so that your ingredients stay fresh and your beverages perfectly chilled.

“Viking offers a variety of sizes in their refrigeration and beverage dispensers and additional customization options for back bar refrigerators, and the craft clear ice machines are amazing,” shared Joe Ferri, COO. “Every product is designed for efficiency to create a better customer experience.”

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