Pecinka Ferri’s Beverage Division Is Here To Help!

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Pecinka Ferri's Beverage Division Is Here To Help!

Pecinka Ferri’s Beverage Division Is Here To Help!

In continuing our dedication to bringing you all the best in 2022, we would like to introduce you to Terie Osusky, our Beverage Specialist and head of our Beverage Division. Terie’s wealth of knowledge and desire to help is an asset that your clients will benefit from immensely. From coffee programs to full-on bar and beverage programs, Terie can assist you from start to finish.

Terie Osusky, Beverage Specialist
Coffee Program

With the rising popularity of the “Non-alcohol” based gathering spaces, help your clients get an early jump on the trend with a fantastic coffee program. Our extensive line of manufacturers will be sure to provide the perfect solution.

Beverage Division

Spring and Summer are around the corner, and bar programs across the country are planning how to maximize their profits during the season. Our Beverage Division will have the right product at the right time to help.

Beer Solutions
Beer is profitable, but making sure your craft beer
program is laid out correctly is key. From selecting the right beer glass to helping you build out your clients full Micro-brewery, Pecinka Ferri has the answers.
50 Years Of Service

Did you know Pecinka Ferri is turning 50 this year?!

We will continue our dedication to invest in infrastructure and bring greater value to our partners with a singular goal in mind, results. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contributions to our growth and our success throughout our 50 years!

Beverage Solutions
Beverage Solutions
Beverage Solutions

As we organize our team and expand our level of service and support, new roles and organizational updates will emerge, and we will announce these developments regularly. We invite you and your clients to schedule a visit to learn, and have a laugh or two with us, in our Culinary Center!