Welcome Domenick Torlucci to the Pecinka Ferri Sales Team!

Join us in welcoming Domenick Torlucci as our newest Outside Sales professional! Domenick brings diverse experience and a unique culinary perspective that will enrich our team and benefit our clients.

Domenick began working in local pizzerias and catering halls around Lake Hopatcong, where he first discovered his passion for foodservice at the age of 16. His commitment to culinary excellence led him to pursue a B.S. in Culinary Arts & Business Management from Johnson & Whales University, laying the groundwork for a dynamic and successful career in the foodservice industry.

While still in school, Domenick honed his skills working as Banquet Chef and Sous Chef at a Marriott International hotel. These early experiences set the stage for his post-graduate endeavors in some of the most demanding and innovative kitchens across the United States.

After graduation, Domenick ventured to Washington DC, where he had the unique opportunity to work under the renowned chef Jose Andres. He worked at the Café Atlantico & Mini Bar and led the kitchen at China Poblano in Las Vegas, mastering the fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisines.

Throughout his nine-year career with the Jose Andres Group, Domenick worked in restaurant operations and played a crucial role in the opening and success of several new locations worldwide.

Domenick Torlucci

Domenick returned to his home region to take on the role of Director of Operations at Stone Water on Lake Hopatcong. His leadership transformed the restaurant into a thriving establishment, known for its exceptional service, stunning views, and innovative cuisine.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Domenick Torlucci to our team,” shares Joe Ferri, Sr., Chief Operating Officer of Pecinka Ferri. “His rich background in culinary arts and restaurant management complements our commitment to excellence and innovation.”

We look forward to the fresh perspectives and insights Domenick is sure to bring to our team and to our clients. Stop by and meet Domenick at the 4th Annual Pizza Forum on Thursday, March 28, starting at 2 pm. You can also reach him at domenick@pecinkaferri.com or (973) 567-6377.