Five Food and Beverage Factories Unveiled Products We Loved at NRA

The National Restaurant Association Show has always been a platform for unveiling groundbreaking innovations and trends in the food and beverage industry. From refreshing tabletop collections to cutting-edge coffee machines and efficient beverage dispensers, these factories offered some incredible solutions at this year’s show.

1. It all begins with the plate, and ITI presented new dinnerware collections that exude rustic elegance. No two pieces are alike, and the color intensity varies, adding an element of individuality.


2. Lancaster Commercial Products showcased their world-class design of Lucaris crystal stemware and wine accessories. These exquisite offerings provide a touch of sophistication to wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


3. DISPENSE-RITE continues to offer an impressive range of cup dispensers and related products designed to streamline operations and improve customer experience. With the world’s largest selection of cup dispensers and a comprehensive range of organizational solutions for lids, straws, condiments, and more, Dispense-Rite is a trusted partner for restaurants and coffee shops. These lines accommodate hot and cold beverage menus – taking you through the whole year.

Pair their cold cup dispensers with your complete ice solution – the trio of ICETRO, Kloppenberg and Follett. Working together these 4 manufacturers make, store, and dispense ice to complete your cold beverages and keep your clients happy through the high volume summer.

Ice Solutions

4. Turbochef’s Plexor A3 is game-changing innovation in rapid cook technology. This remarkable appliance allows for the configuration of impingement, rapid cook, and TurboVect modules in any combination. What truly sets the Plexor A3 apart is its modular design, enabling the operation of three technologies through a single user interface and plug.


5. Marco Beverage Systems had a strong showing with several exciting products, including the White SP9, a single-serve commercial coffee machine for precise, specialty coffee service. With its automation of pour-over filter coffee brewing, the White SP9 ensures consistency and precision. The FRIIA is a new energy-efficient, sleek, countertop footprint for hot/cold/sparkling water making it an ideal solution for small coffee shops, schools, and more.

This is just a sampling of the thousands of amazing products and solutions that we saw at the NRA show. Let’s talk about what you need for your operations!