From Do-It-Yourself Apps to Robots That Do It For You Automation Streamlines Your Operation

Automation is here to stay, and if you don’t believe us, look at Middleby. The Middleby Corporation was front and center at the entrance to the NRA 2022 Convention.

Middleby Automation

Ed Pecinka had the opportunity to get in on the action at NRA with the PizzaBot and the FryBot.


Robotics reduce the need for as many employees during this labor shortage and ensure consistency from one outlet of your concept to another, as well as between one shift and another, as this automated robotic equipment is programmed to execute recipes consistently every time.

The trend of carry-out, delivery and pick-up orders remains higher than pre-COVID. Automation of these orders alleviates the need for a dedicated employee to wrangle the orders, delivery drivers or pick-up guests. These Carter Hoffman PUC Pickup Cabinets offer secure food storage, that must be unlocked through the phone app of the delivery driver or pick up guest, keeping the orders organized, warm, and off your staffs’ plate.

PUC Pickup Cabinets
Middleby One Touch

Taking automation across your entire kitchen is Middleby One Touch. Middleby One Touch has a universal controller across their brands, reducing training time per piece of equipment and per employee. Now you don’t need to learn a new platform, interface, software for each piece of equipment you update in your kitchen.

  • One controller
  • One user experience
  • One learning curve

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