The 2016 International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York rolls into the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on Sunday, March 6th though Tuesday, March 8th, 2016.  As usual, Pecinka Ferri will be participating in our key dealers’ booths, displaying Advance TabcoBlodgett Combi, Blodgett Oven, Blodgett Range, Clabo USAContinental Refrigerator, Geneva, Hatco, Henkelman, Lakeside, Market Forge, Perfect Fry, Pitco & Server Products. We’ll be cooking and serving live in both the Blodgett mini-Combi and the Perfect Fry automatic fryer. Technology advances in these appliances provide the cost and quality controls that many are looking for. Also check in with us to see what a Henkelman vacuum sealer can do (besides the obvious). As a twist this year, a few of our factories have decided to stake out a booth for themselves:

  • Irinox will be featuring their new MYA units that Blast Chill, Shock Freeze, Proof, Thaw and Slow Cook!  Booth #1361
  • Natura Water will be introducing several new hand-crafted beverage units. Booth #1535
  • HIMI will showcase their signature automatic commercial pre rinse faucets and easy to install-and easy to pass through Freezer/Cooler Curtains. Booth #1125

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