Navigating Going Electric

Everything is going green, but what does that actually mean for your commercial kitchen?

Do you need to switch to electric equipment?

If you are in NYC there is a ban on new gas hookups in new construction; however, there are numerous caveats. One of these caveats is that “commercial kitchens are exempt from the new law.” In New Jersey “not a single city” has banned gas hookups in new construction. Based on the regulation specifications in NY and NJ, there isn’t a pressing need to make the transition from gas to electricity.

What should you consider?

1. Electric may lower your carbon footprint:

“On average, across a variety of cooking types, simply switching from standard gas to efficient gas equipment can reduce the overall energy consumption [in a facility] by 25%,” David Zabrowski, CFSP, Fe3, vice president, Frontier Energy/The Food Service Technology Center according to Foodservice Equipment & Supplies.

2. Natural gas oftentimes is cheaper:

See the numbers in our Heat Source Comparison Chart →

Heat Source Comparison

Numbers from AMSEnergy

3. A mix of electric and gas equipment can be an effective way to go:

Incorporate combi ovens in your production line to cut down on gas kitchen equipment. This multi-functional piece allows you to cook with steam, convection, or a combination of the two, reducing separate gas hookups for multiple pieces of equipment. Blodgett Combi has a full line to fit your needs.

Blodgett Combi

4. Ventless is only available in electric:

Whether you are tight on space or looking to expand your menu, ventless options ONLY come in electric. It gives you the opportunity to mobilize and cook in the field or add new menu items to bar or counter service. Pecinka Ferri has the largest selection of ventless equipment hooked up and ready to drive in our Culinary Center. Schedule your visit today to see all the ventless options.

Ventless Solutions


Can the electric grid handle everyone switching at once?

Short answer: It can’t.

That is why there is a stepped down way to move everyone away from gas heating and appliances. Since this is a transition occurring over the next decade, you can replace equipment that is at the end of its life with new more energy efficient equipment.

Reach out to Pecinka Ferri Associates to start the process of transitioning to electric. We are happy to help you examine ways to increase energy efficiency with electric and automated equipment without losing consistency, control, and cost.

Ventless Electric Solutions

Ventless Solutions