Meet the Newest Members of the Pecinka Ferri Line Card

At Pecinka Ferri, we combine smart food service solutions with extensive industry knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right product for the right application. In our continued effort to meet our customers’ needs, we recently added six new factories to our line card — Nieco, CiBO, ICETRO, Marco Beverage Systems, Wild Goose Filling, and Plantation Prestige. These additions expand our food and beverage solutions, outdoor furniture, and more.

New PFA Lines


About Our New Manufacturers


Nieco is an industry leader in automated broilers for the foodservice industry. Their broilers utilize patented BroilVection hybrid broiling technology to harness the broiler’s heat and engineer radiant cooking, natural convection and forced air convection. The result is juicy, seared, flame-broiled perfection every time.


Are you looking for something for front-of-house cooking? CiBO high-speed ventless cooking is perfect for fast turn-around for paninis, pizza, croissants, nachos, and more. Unique tri-heat technology provides speed, quality, and consistency, cooking food up to 12x faster than conventional cooking methods!

Wild Goose Filling

Wild Goose Filling

Wild Goose Filling machines are designed and engineered for unmatched operational control, whether you’re canning or bottling beer, cider, tea, water, soda, juice, or some other beverage.  Wild Goose Filling provides cutting-edge filling machines that are perfect for any foodservice operation looking to increase efficiency while ensuring accuracy in product packaging.



ICETRO specializes in sturdy commercial freezers for restaurants and other foodservice operations. Available in popular production sizes, ICETRO ice makers and bins are well-built with stainless steel, rust-resistant, and improved freezing surface technology.

Marco Coffee and Water

Marco Beverage Systems 

Marco Beverage Systems designs, manufactures, and services energy-efficient, innovative Water Boilers and Coffee Brewing Systems. Hot water, cold water, sparkling water, and hot and cold coffee are all options! All products are backed by an award-winning service team.

Plantation Prestige

Plantation Prestige 

Plantation Prestige manufactures excellent commercial-grade outdoor furniture. Steel and aluminum seating, bar and dining tables, colorful umbrellas, and poolside furniture are perfect for outdoor restaurant dining, hotels, and resorts.

With these additions, we now have more options when it comes time to purchasing equipment or supplies needed in daily operations or for special projects. We proudly stand behind each of these brands, knowing they will deliver superior quality results!

Go to our factories page for more detailed information on any of our manufacturers, or talk with our sales team to request a quote.