Pizza Perfection: Test the Sveba Dahlen Pizza Oven in Our Test Kitchen

Pizza is beloved for many reasons, and one of them is versatility. If you can dream it up, you make it a pizza! That’s why we are excited to share that Pecinka Ferri now has the Sveba Dahlen High-Temperature Electric Deck Oven in our test kitchen.

the Sveba Dahlen Pizza Oven

A Two-Deck, High-Temperature Oven

High Temp Pizza Oven

Blodgett is the exclusive North American distributor of the Sveba Dahlen Ovens. This electric pizza oven can bake pizzas at up to an amazing 950°F. It has a unique two-deck combination featuring a high-temperature and standard oven. This design opens a world of possibilities for foodservice operations, allowing them to effortlessly switch between making up to six traditional or Neapolitan pizzas at a time.

Imagine baking a Neapolitan pizza in just 60-120 seconds! The Sveba oven’s high-temperature deck is not limited to pizzas — it’s perfect for baking flatbreads, pita bread, and more. Meanwhile, for traditional pizzas, the lower deck offers a lower temperature and a longer baking time of 4-6 minutes, ensuring perfect results every time. The consistency in baking results, regardless of the deck used, is due to the oven’s superior design.

The Magic of Biscotto di Sorrento Stones

One of the secrets to the Sveba oven’s exceptional performance is its Biscotto di Sorrento pizza stones. Hand-crafted in Italy, these clay-based, volcanic stones are porous to remove excess moisture, essential for achieving that sought-after airy and crispy Neapolitan pizza crust. The stone’s thickness also ensures heat retention, allowing for continuous pizza baking to keep up with demand.

The Magic of Biscotto di Sorrento Stones

Topping the Charts in Efficiency

Topping the Charts in Efficiency

From its ergonomic working height and lockable castors to the cool-to-touch handles, every aspect has been meticulously planned in the design of this oven. It is energy efficient, thanks to its ceramic double glazing and user-friendly control panel with a week timer function.

“Since you can adjust the temperature in each oven section, you have full control over the baking process with the Sveba Dahlia electric pizza oven,” shared Chef Nicholas Mercogliano. “As a Chef, I appreciate the excellent insulation that keeps the heat in the oven chamber. It’s not only energy efficient, but it provides a better working environment in the kitchen.”


Embracing sustainability, the Sveba oven is electric and has a smaller footprint than most other pizza ovens. Its rapid heat-up time and consistent temperature maintenance streamline the baking process, while the energy-saving mode ensures efficiency during quieter hours.

The Sveba Dahlia Oven blends the art of traditional pizza making with cutting-edge technology. Schedule time to visit our test kitchen to create your new favorite pizza!