Shield Your Dining Services

Between the never-ending labor shortage and the upcoming flu season, Pecinka Ferri is here to “Shield Your Dining Services” from the effects of both. Low touch service is a comprehensive way to keep interactions between staff and students, employees or guests to a minimum while cutting production labor and heightening hygienic practices.

We are all tired of hearing about COVID, but we must acknowledge it has changed our approach to foodservice and these current trends are not abating.

Reduce Labor Costs

There are a few great options to reduce labor costs and the number off staff members onsite at any given time. 

Tilt Skillets/Braising Pans:

  • Larger batches – preparing up to 82 gallons at one time depending on model
  • Faster/larger batches – shorter cook time
  • Versatile – preps eggs, soups, sauces, veggies, or proteins
  • Reduce dishwashing – one pan only
Tilt Skillets/Braising Pans
BX-14 Series Boilerless Combi Ovens

Heavy Duty Combi Ovens:

  • Large batches – 7 full sheet pans or 14 hotel pans at once
  • Boiler-less – faster heat recovery
  • Heavy duty construction – perfect for large format food prep

Embrace Automation:

  • Programmable recipes – recipes at a touch of the button cut down on training and food waste with consistent and repeatable execution
  • Standardized food controls – select foodservice lines that utilize the same set of controls across their entire portfolio reducing the hours for equipment training
Blodgett Combi

Heighten Hygiene

Reducing hours in production, hands in the pans, and number of pans used already increases hygiene and reduces potential cross contamination. However, we have ideas to continue heightened hygiene through your entire dining service, not just BOH.

Readily available hand hygiene:

Hand sanitizer stands and freestanding hand sinks – placed strategically around entrances and exits.

Shield Guards:

These tried-and-true physical barriers have always played a part of serving lines. Up your game with portable food shields available when necessary.

Air purification:

Ultra-violet technology has advanced to “scrub the air” and return it to your food service environment keeping your entire staff and student or guest population safe killing up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air, including corona-virus. Go one step further and add these units to your classrooms, conference rooms, lounges and other public areas to cut down on absenteeism across the board.

For Grab-and-Go, Incorporate QR codes:

Eliminate staff from serving food at breakfast, lunch breaks, or after school with automated pick-up holding cabinets that release meals with a QR code. This reduces labor as well as employee, guest or student and staff interaction.

Everyone is excited to be back in school or the office, and we want to help you keep it that way. For more information about “Shielding Your Cafeteria” contact your Pecinka Ferri Associates.