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Monday, January 24, 2016

Souper Powers

Soup Heroes With Soup Powers

Burning his way through poorly equipped foodservice kitchens, a new nemesis is on the prowl; a force so evil that ordinary morsels shake at his very name: Culinary Brown. He shows no mercy.  As the cold front blows the last gasps of warmth into the sea, the Foodie Quipper draws little comfort in the weather’s change.

It all started with “value engineering”.  Cash strapped operators, misled by the lure of cheap equipment and supplies, built their kitchens like so many houses of cards.  The siren song of poorly specified (or substituted) products had begun to incrementally degrade their operations.

Early victims were maintenance costs, “up” times, and efficiencies.  Now the very quality of their food was being threatened by that villain, Culinary Brown.

What hope was there for the operator and his profits?

A call went out to the Foodie Quipper.  Our grape crusader offered steam kettles, blast chillers, blenders, warmers and merchandisers, all designed to maximize food quality and profits.
Kettles gently cook soups stews, stocks and much more like a giant double boiler.  Blast chillers quickly move products out of danger zones, while preserving taste and nutrients.  High volume blenders emulsify even the most stubborn of ingredients.  Warmers safely hold backup.  Merchandisers show the world operators’ creations in their best light.

Keep your food safe and delicious.  Call your soup hero, the Foodie Quipper today!

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