Why Josper Grills are the Perfect Fit for Mediterranean Dining

Mediterranean cuisine is all about vibrant flavors, spices, and variety. As a celebration of life and food, the Mediterranean mezze surpasses appetizers for a unique and social dining experience.  Josper Grills offer revolutionary grilling technology that promises to deliver mezze food that your customers will love.

Understanding the Mezze Experience

Unlike tapas, which are primarily appetizers enjoyed with a drink, mezze is a standalone meal comprised of an assortment of small dishes. Ranging from hot to cold, from vegetables to meats, mezze food is known for diversity and the constant surprises brought to the table. Every dish arrives as it’s ready, ensuring the freshest experience for diners.

Josper Tradition & Technology

By blending the capabilities of an oven with a charcoal grill, Josper has mastered the art of high-temperature cooking. This means meats are sealed, smoked, and grilled simultaneously, ensuring a taste that is truly unique. Depending on your needs, the ovens come in sizes ranging from mini to large and in a variety of colors.

With its range of specialized grills, Josper caters to every aspect of the mezze.


Basque Grill: This traditional open grill is perfect for grilling meats and fish over hot coals, and for chefs who want to showcase their culinary skills in a live setting.

The Josper Combo: Versatility! From enclosed grilling to open fire, this combo, with the classic charcoal oven and the Basque Grill, offers the best of both worlds.

Robatagrill: Bringing the robatayaki style of cooking to your kitchen, this open wood charcoal grill promises an authentic Japanese grilling experience. Skewered meats, fish, or vegetables are grilled over hot charcoal right in front of the diners, making it a visual treat.

Mangal Grill: Mangal is Middle Eastern barbecue. This grill offers several grilling levels and adjustable cross bars so you can grill different cuts of meat and vegetables directly, with skewers, or try slow grilling with smoke on top.

The Mediterranean mezze is all about variety, freshness, and a burst of flavors with every bite. Josper Grills, with their advanced technology and design, promise to keep the essence of mezze, while adding a touch of smoky perfection to every dish.

Pecinka Ferri Associates proudly represents Josper Grills. Let’s talk about which model is right for your needs.