“everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of US patent office in 1899

How does  the foodservice supply chain reinvent itself?  Where do new products come from?

Manufacturers seldom create from “whole cloth”, opting instead to put their engineers’ valuable time to use in tweaking existing items (typically for multi-unit operators).  Combining and recombining technologies, notions, designs and systems, product developers brew up new offerings for their marketing teams.

Staying ahead of the competition, while solving clients’ problems motivate supplier teams to hash out items for an ever-changing landscape.

Notable recent mashups on the food side include avocado toast, the cronut, and any number of Tex-Mex QSR meals (made from the same four ingredients)!  The non-foods, E&S business cooks up similar medleys.

Mason jars with handles, smoke enhancing appliances, patterned textured dinnerware and flame spewing cookers represent a few offerings of an industry looking both backward and forward.

To Serve And Protect

Server ConserveWell utensil holders are an environmentally friendly method of rinsing and preventing bacteria growth by holding utensils in water over 140°F. Using 99.7% less water than a traditional dipper well, one unit can save over 250,000 gallons of water per year. Drop-in or mountable units available to fit your operation’s needs.

The Blodgett Hoodini, a combination of a Combi Oven and Hood, makes the scene at the AHF Conference.