Al Fresco, the manager of Culinary Brown’s place decided to clarify their new outdoor dining initiative.

Raising the bar on beverage service was a sure cure for the pickle that they were in.

Unfortunately, Al Dente, the head chef just wanted to reconstitute last summer’s menu.

Happily, both agreed that they needed to infuse the coddled staff with a dollop of urgency, in order to whip them into shape for the season.

Holding his temper, while trying to settle the score, Fresco told the chef not to sweat the details.  Their team was steeped in the traditions of eating outdoors and none of them were ever caught skimming.

The head waiter, Sal Amanda agreed, and the three of them marinated the concept and decided to grind it out.  In order to grease the skids, so that a smooth rollout ensued, they glazed over the details when presenting it to the owner.

When he uncovered their omissions, boy was he steamed!  He knew his managers had a zest for the task at hand, and he certainly didn’t want to grill them.

After dressing them down, they cooked up a plan to infuse the deck and patio with new blend of equipment and furnishings.

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