This week found us at the Kitchen Brains’ Headquarers in Stamford, CT. 

You probably remember them as  “FAST” and “Modularm”, the two predecessor companies which  rolled up hot side and cold side monitoring controls manufacturing into the current enterprise.

Joe, Tim, Ed
Kitchen Brains?

They are the leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment controls, worldwide & are made right in our backyard in Connecticut.  Supplying most of the leading brands of foodservice equipment with monitoring and control systems, you are using/specifying their products everyday, probably while not even being aware of it!

wide assortment of Brains

Beyond their massive OEM footprint, they produce some truly remarkable stand-alone products. 

In addition to all of these, Kitchen Brains has several Cloud computing initiatives that you will be hearing a lot about, as the foodservice industry further digitizes. 

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Price Increases are coming

Several of our manufacturers will be adjusting pricing going forward into 2020.

Watch this space for information

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