By Ed Pecinka

After coming to the end of week one of a new football season ( and a nice Jets win I must say), I am reminded of the correlation I have always loved between sports and a successful business organization.
Teamwork is essential to winning in all aspects of life.
Knowing and embracing that we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses is the first step to building a successful team.
For the coach or manager, putting each “talent” in the right place, giving them their individual assignments, and trusting that they will do their job will make for the most consistent result.
Take a punt return in football, the ultimate display of teamwork….

The coach may put his fastest player with the best hands back to return the punt. The goal is to return it as far as he can down the field.
If the superstar doesn’t have all
of his 10 other teammates blocking the opponent/ completing their assignment, he isn’t going to get too far, no matter how good or fast he is.
Have you ever seen a punt returner get creamed!!!!  Look it up on YouTube. Not a pretty sight!
We all feel like that sometimes, don’t we?
In today’s fast paced and intense business environment, teams are not just people in your own company or place of business, they are those people or businesses that help you do your job, “teammates” who you can count on to fulfill their “assignments”, that have your back so you won’t get “sacked”.
As the season moves along, be your own team owner and coach, think about who you want on your team so that you can be successful on the path to you own personal Super Bowl.

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