Like some bad April’s Fools prank, the new month has descended upon us with fury.  

The world is bracing for a few potentially horrific weeks.  

We, our factories, our dealers and other industry partners are committed to keeping the supply chains operating now, as well as during the coming storms.

While hospitality has been paused to allow for social distancing, the task of providing nutrition for the populace continues.  It has emerged as foodservice’s abiding mission. We are people who feed people.

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe.

Check out Lakeside’s new COVID-19 resources page for links to relevant flyers, videos, blogs, and press releases as well as some inspiring stories of positivity across the country.  

Lakside COVID 19 Resources

Are you temporarily shutting down an operation? 

Here are some helpful tips on prolonging your equipment life:

Globe PM Resources

CookTek Delivery bags

Team Pitco Aprils Fools Pranks